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  Anabolic steroid diets
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Anabolic steroid diets    

Many people tend to think that you can get washboard abs and bulging biceps by just popping or injecting anabolic steroids. You should know by now that an anabolic steroid is not a magic pill (or potion). An anabolic steroid intake should be accompanied by a well-planned diet for any bodybuilding goal to be successful.

Bodybuilders adopt different types of diets for different bodybuilding goals. There are diets meant to bulk you up and others aimed to help you lean out. In this case, let’s talk about bulking diets.

To have an effective bulking cycle, there are the classic mass builders to get you huge at the shortest possible time. Examples of anabolic steroids that are great for bulking phases are Anadrol, Dianabol, and testosterone. And since bulking means acquiring muscle mass as much as possible, bulking diets are designed precisely to accomplish that. So your bulking diets should comprise of loads of calories and proteins to fuel muscle growth and repair. This is not to say, however, that you’re going to eat indiscriminately. Just like any other goal bulking up should be planned, particularly your diets. The nutrients you should intake should be of high quality; otherwise, you’ll end up accumulating more undesirable body fat instead of muscle mass.

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