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  Anabolic steroid user
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Anabolic steroid user

If you suspect someone, a relative or a friend, of being an anabolic steroid user, you can look for several short term side effects that may manifest as symptoms. The most obvious symptoms that an anabolic steroid user may exhibit are the physical changes. An anabolic steroid user may show excessive acne breakouts and not just on the face but on the shoulders and back. He may also experience alopecia (hair loss) and may develop breast tissues (gynecomastia). An anabolic steroid user, of course, can display sudden or progressive muscle mass gains.

When an anabolic steroid user comes off a cycle, he may experience what is termed as the ‘bridge’, which is the period of time from when the drugs are eliminated from the system up to when the body re-starts its production of endogenous (natural) testosterone. During this period, estrogen level is elevated while testosterone level is significantly decreased.

An anabolic steroid user takes ancillary drugs to combat these physical and internal changes. Aromatase inhibitors (Femara, Aromasin) and anti-estrogens (Clomid, Nolvadex) are examples of ancillary drugs taken in conjunction with anabolic steroids or after a steroid cycles, commonly referred to as post-cycle therapy.