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  Best steroid cycle stack
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Best steroid cycle stack

The best steroid cycle stack for bulking up consists of the Dianabol and Sustanon 250.

Dianabol (generic name methandrostenelone) is a must for the best steroid cycle stack. It is considered to be the ‘grandfather of anabolic steroids’; bodybuilders and other athletes have been lured to use steroids because of D-bol’s encouraging results observed with its nonmedical users. Dianabol popularity is due to its immediate and dramatic anabolic effects. Dianabol, however, converts to estrogen and this means that if you cycle a steroid stack with Dianabol in it you should expect gynecomastia and fat and water retention. The best way to take this steroid is to ingest 15-40mg per day.

Sustanon 250, on the other hand, is a unique injectable steroid having four different testosterone esters attached to it. Sustanon can make the best out of any steroid stack because of this uniqueness – it consists of one short-, one long-, and two medium-length esters to ensure you of immediate but sustained bodybuilding effects. Sustanon 250 works best even if taken at the minimum of 250mg per week.

A Dianabol-Sustanon steroid stack is best cycled for 6-8 weeks to avoid overstraining the HPTA. Also, to keep your gains it is best to have an anti-estrogen ready at the end of your cycle.