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  Best steroid stacks
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Best steroid stacks

The most frequently asked question by both novices and expert users of steroids is ‘What are the best steroid stacks?’ There is really no definite answer to what are the best steroid stacks since bodybuilders have their unique requirements out of their steroid stacks. For example, there are best steroid stacks for bulking as there are best steroid stacks for leaning out. By the same token, there are also best steroid stacks for women as well as for beginners.

The best steroid stacks in any of these categories should be able to deliver bodybuilding goals with the least of side effects. The best steroid stacks should also elicit the so-called synergistic effect, in which each drug in a stack boosts the effectiveness of the others. They should also be able to yield favorable results with the least of cost from the bodybuilders.

From these considerations, let’s give a sample of the one of the best steroid stacks for women bodybuilders. An ideal steroid stack for this demographic is made up of Primobolan and Deca-Durabolin. This steroid stack is best run for 10 weeks. The women users should take 100mgs of Primo per week and 200mgs of Deca-Durabolin per week for a safe bodybuilding regimen.