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  Buy Andriol (testosterone undeconoate)
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Buy Andriol (testosterone undeconoate)

Developed by Organon, Andriol is of the testosterone ester undeconoate. It is a unique and popular oral testosterone product. Unique because unlike most orals, Andriol is not c17-alpha-alkylated, and this absence of chemical alteration makes Andriol popular with athletes. It is also beneficial to athletes for these properties:

•  Andriol blocks the glucocorticoid hormone from exerting catabolism.

•  Andriol is ideal both during cutting and bulking cycles since it easily controls testosterone, DHT, and estrogen levels.

•  Andriol delivers mass gains, especially if taken in higher dosages.

•  Testosterone undeconoate does not cause stress to the liver, thus it can be safely taken for prolonged periods.

The efficacy of Andriol depends on dosage volume – that is, you have to ingest relatively higher amount of this drug to see significant results. Although this is not a c17aa oral, Andriol can still cause health concerns; thus, it is important to talk to a physician when you buy Andriol. Andriol capsules are very sensitive to heat so it is important to store them in cool place after you buy this product. You don't have to take ancillary drugs like Nolvadex when you buy Andriol since water retention rarely occurs with this drug.