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  Buy Estandron (testosterone and estrogen blend)
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Buy Estandron

Estandron is an injectable testosterone and estrogen blend. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical firm Organon and has 3 testosterone esters – propionate (20mg), phenylpropionate (40mg), and isocaproate (40mg).

•  Estandron induces rapid muscle growth and strength.

•  Estandron prevents the occurrence of injury as it lubricates joints by storing fluid in connective tissues.

•  Estandron offers less androgenic side effects to female bodybuilders.

Before you buy Estandron, you must be aware that this drug is primarily for women. Males who are prone to estrogenic side effects can experience heightened adverse reactions with Estandron. You can buy Estandron with other highly anabolic steroids for ideal body mass gain. You can have a safe buy with this drug because Estandron is rarely counterfeited, if at all.