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Glutamine is the most common free-form amino acid found in muscle tissues, and when the body undergoes stress, it migrates from these tissues to boost the immune system and/or to block blood sugar reactions. In clinical application, glutamine is used for the treatment of alcoholism, certain forms of depression, and muscle-wasting disorders such as Huntington's disease.

Here's a brief list on how glutamine helps in bodybuilding:

•  Glutamine improves mental function.

•  Glutamine helps combat fatigue.

•  Glutamine controls blood sugar levels.

•  Glutamine maintains muscle mass.

•  Glutamine decreases sugar cravings; also, it is considered as an appetite suppressant.

Athletes buy glutamine to supplement for the inadequate amount an average diet provides. Remember that excessive intake of glutamine can cause side effects like diarrhea and this is why it is important to know proper dosage when you buy glutamine. For your safety, when you buy glutamine it should be under supervision of a physician.