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Kynoselen is a legal water-based injectable compound and is a mixture of heptaminol, AMP (adenosine monophosphate), vitamin B-12, sodium selenite, magnesium asparate, and potassium asparate. This drug, which is indicated for veterinary use, is now a popular supplement for bodybuilders who are after strength, endurance, and lean mass gains.

Characteristics of Kynoselen:

•  Kynolesen stimulates appetite.

•  Kynolesen boosts energy levels. Heptaminol, its principal ingredient, is a vasodilator and helps in the transport of oxygenated blood.

•  Kynolesen aids in lipolysis, the breakdown of stored fat.

•  Kynolesen facilitates anabolism by increasing differentiation of satellite muscle cells, a process which promotes growth of new muscle tissues.

Although Kynolesen has no known severe side effects it is safer to consult with a health professional before you buy this product. You can buy Kynoselen in 100ml multi-use vial. When you buy Kynoselen, you must know its proper dosage. Overdosing with any drug or supplement can cause negative reactions.