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Mechano Growth Factor, commonly called MGF, is a peptide hormone biologically produced in muscles in response to training. The muscle cells and tissues undergo stress or injury during training, especially in cases of resistance training. This injury is ideal for bodybuilding since this facilitates both growth and increase of the size muscle cells (muscle hyperthrophy) and/or proliferation or growth of muscle cells (muscle hyperplasia). The Mechano Growth Factor, which is considered an isoform of IGF-1, contributes to muscle anabolism via muscle hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia by encouraging muscle repair and upregulating protein synthesis.
When you buy and use Mechano Growth Factor remember that this drug is on its research stage – no known clinical tests have been carried out on humans. This is why it is important to consult a physician before you buy Mechano Growth Factor. When you buy Mechano Growth Factor, take note of important instructions like storage (it should be refrigerated) and dosage. The research dosage for Mechano Growth Factor is 100-200mcg every day, preferably in bi-lateral doses.