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  Buy Megagrisevit-Mono (clostebol acetate)
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Buy Megagrisevit-Mono (clostebol acetate)

Megagrisevit-Mono (clostebol acetate) is a testosterone derivative with an added chloro group at the 4-position. Megagrisevit-Mono is considered a mild anabolic compound with minimal androgenic potency.

Megagrisevit-Mono has the following properties:

•  Megagrisevit-Mono does not convert to estrogen, thus undesirable effects such as water retention and gynecomastia are avoidable.

•  Megagrisevit-Mono does not cause virilization symptoms, making it popular among female bodybuilders.

•  Megagrisevit-Mono is great as pre-contest drug as it results to lean muscle gains.

•  Megagrisevit-Mono is a liver-friendly drug.

You can buy Megagrisevit-Mono in 10mg/1.5 ml vials. Before you buy Megagrisevit-Mono, be sure to know everything about this product – be an informed user of steroids. When you buy this injectable steroid, remember to consult your doctor regularly to avoid possible health risks.