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Nilevar was originally a registered trademark of Searle Laboratories in the United States prior to its discontinuance. Nilevar has the distinction of being the first orally-active androgenic-anabolic steroid to be synthesized and approved in 1956. Its active ingredient norethandrolone is a derivative of nandrolone (19 nortestosterone).

•  Nilevar prevents injury by lubricating joints during intense training.

•  Nilevar is successfully used in bulking and cutting regimen.

•  Nilevar strongly binds with the androgen receptors, resulting to lipolysis.

Nilevar is a c-17 alpha-alkylated which makes it orally bioavailable but stressful to the liver. It also exhibits both estrogen and progestin activity. This is why it is important to practice proper dosage and cycle protocol when you buy Nilevar. It is not advisable to buy Nilevar from any sources since this can be detrimental to your health. Buy Nilevar from trusted sources only.