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  Buy Prostanozol (demethylstanozolol tetrahydropyranyl)
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Buy Prostanozol (demethylstanozolol tetrahydropyranyl)

Prostanozol is so named because it is marketed as an alternative to Winstrol (stanozolol). It is an oral anabolic steroid recently marketed in the US as a supplement product.

•  Prostanozol does not have a c-17 alpha-alkylation, making it relatively less stressful to the liver.

•  Prostanozol does not aromatize, thus gynecoamastia and other estrogen-related side effects are rarely experienced with this drug.

•  Prostanozol is categorized as a cutting or a lean mass agent.

When you buy Prostanozol capsules, make sure to talk with a doctor to advise you on proper dosage. Prostanozolol is ideal as a lean mass agent so you might want to buy this drug during contest prep or during lean mass protocol. For your safety, remember to do research before you buy any drugs like Prostanozol.