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Buy Testosterone buciclate

Testosterone buciclate, or TB, is a relatively new testosterone ester, which has been synthesized and developed through the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NHI). It was purposely developed in the 1990s as a male contraceptive drug. T-buciclate's potentials have been proven during its clinical testing as it showed more favorable pharmacokinetic characteristics than existing compounds, primarily because it is a SR (slow release) compound.

In bodybuilding, testosterone buciclate is an effective agent because of the following:

•  Testosterone buciclate is a long-acting testosterone with androgen levels remaining elevated for up to 12 weeks after last injection.

•  Testosterone buciclate promotes muscle mass and strength gains via erythropoiesis and glycogenolysis.

•  Testosterone buciclate promotes nitrogen retention in muscle tissues resulting to ideal muscle mass gains.

Testosterone buciclate can cause severe virilization symptoms to females; thus, it is important to not exceed recommended dosage. For effective and safe intake, consult a physician when you buy testosterone buciclate. You can also do research on your own when you buy products like testosterone buciclate. It safer to be informed when you buy steroids.