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Buy testosterone cyclohexylpropionate

Originally manufactured in 1974 by Theramex in France , testosterone cyclohexylpropionate, commonly referred to as CHP, is long-acting testosterone ester. This ester is usually compared to cypionate since they are structurally similar. The minute difference between these two esters is that CHP has a slightly longer effect because it has six carbon atoms (cyclohexane ring) than cypionate, which has only five carbon atoms (cyclopentane ring).

CHP displays the following characteristics of its base hormone testosterone:

•  testosterone cyclohexylpropionate activates the muscle cells, making them more responsive to insulin-like growth factor-1. IGF-1 is an anabolic hormone released from the liver and other peripheral tissues in response to the stimulus of the growth hormone.

•  testosterone cyclohexylpropionate promotes erythropoiesis, which translates to an improved endurance by pumping highly oxygenated blood to working muscle tissues.

•  testosterone cyclohexylpropionate inhibits the glucocorticoid hormone thereby preventing catabolism.

Testosterone cyclohexylpropionate can cause DHT-related side effects like alopecia and acne so it is important to use ancillary drugs when you buy this product. Females are strongly advised to buy and administer relatively lesser amount of testosterone cyclohexylpropionate since it cause virilization symptoms. For your safety, consult with a doctor when you buy this steroid.