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Thermogenics is a broad term for any supplement that causes thermogenesis , resulting in an increased metabolic rate and increased body temperature. This further leads to an increased rate in the burning of body fat.

A thermogenic supplement achieves the following:

•  Thermogenics effectively burns undesirable fat by activating the body's heat-producing pathways.

•  Thermogenics promotes lean mass gains by increasing metabolism and calorie expenditure.

•  Thermogenics increases energy by increasing flow of blood to muscle tissues. This further results to an increase in nutrient and oxygen supply to said tissues thereby leading to greater work and exercise output.

As with any drug or supplement thermogenics can cause side effects; thus, it is important that when you buy thermogenics it should be under the supervision of a physician. Also, be sure to read labels when you buy thermogenics for ingredient and dosage information. These are mostly legal compounds and you don't need prescription to buy thermogenics.