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  Buying steroids in Australia
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Buying steroids in Australia

Steroids and other prescription drugs in Australia are manufactured under strict quality control, and this is the primary reason why they are in great demand. Also, the fact that they are relatively low priced makes them popular in the black market.

In Australia there is the so-called Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme under which the government of Australia provides subsidized prescription drugs, including steroids, to the country’s residents. To deter the abuse of the PBS, a bill was passed making it illegal to buy and to send PBS drugs to other countries if they are not indicated for personal use. Violators can also be penalized with up to two years imprisonment. The Act, however, does not apply to non-prescription drugs or to medication bought at full price on private prescription.
You can buy steroids in Australia in many forms – injectable, oral (tablets and capsules), skin patches, creams, suppositories and nasal sprays. It is difficult to ascertain the exact number of people who buy steroids in Australia for non-medical purposes. However, it is known that in Australia, the predominant buyers of steroids are not competitive athletes but the group of the so-called body-image users. These are individuals who buy steroids to enhance physical appearance, such as competitive and recreational bodybuilders and people in fashion and entertainment industries.