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  D-bol steroid
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D-bol steroid

Dianabol, or popularly known as D-bol in bodybuilding circles, is an oral steroid. D-bol is one of the most recognizable brand names of the generic compound methandrostenolone and is considered as one of the most potent steroids around. D-bol is a steroid that is advised against women because androgenic side effects are can be experienced with this compound. Women who find D-bol a necessary drug must take lower dosage to minimize virilization symptoms.

D-bol is a steroid which has a long relationship with sports. This steroid gained popularity during the 1950s when John Zeigler, a doctor for the United States weightlifting team, developed D-bol with the drug company Ciba. D-bol is one of the first known performance-enhancing drugs and this steroid continues to be one of the top choices of athletes who are into non-aerobic sports. D-bol enhances athletic performance through several metabolic pathways. D-bol is a steroid that promotes protein synthesis, a process ideal for muscle tissue building. D-bol also facilitates glycogenolysis, a process that is necessary for conservation of the body’s energy. Glycogenolysis restores glycogen, your body’s main source of energy, thereby enhancing your endurance level.

D-bol has been discontinued by its original manufacturer, and thus if you want to buy and use this steroid must beware of counterfeit versions.