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  Different types of steroids
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Different types of steroids

There are different types of steroids that you can use according to their bodybuilding abilities. There are types of steroids that are reliable compounds when bulking up and there are those that are effective as cutting agents. There are also steroids that are great drugs for contest preparations.

For bulking steroids, you can choose Anadrol, Dianabol or Sustanon. These steroids are rapid mass builders, capable of giving you muscle mass and strength gains at unbelievably fast pace. Steroids of this type are typically aromatizable, and thus water retention may be huge as well as other estrogen-related side effects. This is why if you’re using these steroid types  it is prudent to have anti-estrogen or aromatase inhibitors close at hand should side effects arise.

For cutting up, Anavar and Primobolan are always on top of the list. Steroids of this type are considered to be elite muscle hardeners as they do not undergo aromatization. These steroids are a must if your bodybuilding objective is not primarily mass gains.

For contest preparations, the highly recommended steroids for this type of bodybuilding goal include Halotestin, trenbolone, and Masteron. These steroids will get rid of your unwanted adipose tissues resulting to rock-hard muscles.