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  Dogs on steroids
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Dogs on steroids

How can you tell if a dog is on steroids? If the dog has not yet metamorphosed into a huge, furry mass these are the other tell-tale signs of a dog on steroids. Ravenous appetite is one of the signs. Two other common signs dogs on steroids may display are constant thirst and frequent urination.

Steroids are also used on dogs which are trained to fight like the pit bulls. Aside from intense training these dogs are put on steroids to deliver more aggressive performance on the fight pen. Owners of fighting dogs often inject them with steroids to have the battle-till-death stance.

In Tucson, Arizona recently an initiative has been passed to regulate the care and handling of dogs. Voters at South Tucson supported the Tucson Dog Protection Initiative which makes illegal to feed dogs raw and diseased meat and to inject performance-enhancing drugs like steroids on dogs.

There is a picture circulating on the Internet of a big-muscled whippet named Wendy. Whippets are a breed of dog which resemble greyhounds in appearance. Wendy was named as the Incredible Hulk of dogs and has appeared in New York Times. The dog, however, was not on steroids but is suffering from a rare genetic mutation that had transformed her into a 27-kilogram rippling mass of muscle. According to the dog’s owner, many people had called her pet as Arnold Schwarzenegger.