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  Eurochem steroids
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Eurochem steroids

Eurochem has one big problem, quality.  Eurochem products are poor quality and made in underground labs.  Many infections have been reported by eurochem anabolic steroids users, especially with the winstrol.  On top of all these problems, most Eurochem steroids have been tested under the amount they claimed.  To many Eurochem steroids have been dosed with no steroids or under-dosed by a huge amount.

Eurochem steroids enjoy a fake following from non-medical users of anabolic-androgenic steroids. There are Eurochem steroids available for every bodybuilding goal.
During cutting cycle, the Eurochem steroid Boldoject can be a good choice if you want something very cheap and poor quality. With Boldoject, you can be assured of lean mass gains since it aromatizes only slightly. This Eurochem steroid promotes slow muscle gains because you’re getting a lot of under-dosed anabolics.

Other steroids are Primoject (methenolone enanthate) and Sustaject 250. Primoject is considered as the ‘gentlest’ steroid because it does not aromatize and is liver-friendly. As such, this steroid is popular with female non-medical steroid users. Primoject is a good bulking agent, with its effectiveness seen more on the quality rather than size of muscles. This is one of few steroids that can be stacked with other agents with minimal health risks. Primoject comes in multiple dose vials and its effective dose is 150-300mg per week. It is used to treat patients with depressed immune system.

Sustaject 250 is a testosterone mix, specifically of Sustanon-Omadren blend, which is a rapid mass builder. This steroid is known for dramatic increase in muscle mass and strength. The Sustanon add-on minimizes the occurrence of estrogen-induced side effects, such as water retention and gynecomastia.