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  Fat-cutting steroids
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Fat-cutting steroids

Steroids are generally believed to be having fat-cutting properties, and that’s why bodybuilders use certain type of steroids to help them during their dieting or cutting phase. During this bodybuilding phase, the goal is to maintain the muscle mass and lose the body fat you’ve gained during your bulking cycle. This is where fat-cutting steroids are called for.

Masteron, Anavar, Proviron, and Winstrol are known as fat-cutting steroids. To give you an idea why this group of steroids is best for fat-cutting, let’s discuss briefly one of these drugs.

Masteron is an injectable steroid of the chemical compound drostanolone with the ester propionate. Drostanolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and thus this makes Masteron unable to aromatize to estrogen. Estrogen can exert negative effects when you are bodybuilding with the use of steroids.

Estrogen functions as the primary female sex hormone, particularly notable for its role in the estrous cycle. This steroid hormone is also present in males, but in significantly decreased amount. Estrogens cause problems in males when they are occurring in abnormal elevated amounts. The increase of circulating estrogens on the male body can lead to feminization symptoms, such as gynecomastia and subcutaneous fat retention. If you’re using fat-cutting steroids, you can easily avoid these negative effects.