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  Guys on steroids
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Guys on steroids

Why do guys use steroids?

The answer to that question is simple – it is because guys on steroids can have head-turning physique! And the guys know that having that kind of physique offers many guarantees, and it’s not only getting the pretty girls!

You must admit that we live in physical world; meaning, we tend to approve of things and people that look good. Thus, guys who look good and buff generally have easier time going through job interviews since they are more readily hired compared to other guys who exhibit less-then-impressive physique. This is because a guy with a well-toned body is considered healthy and is viewed as someone who takes care of himself. And this is why guys on steroids are on the advantage over other guys out there.

Guys on steroids also possess a good amount of confidence. Because they look good, they feel good about themselves. And if they’re considering a career in visual media – TV, film, fashion – guys on steroids tend to win deals.

These guys must be aware, however, that there are things to watch out for when they’re using drugs for physical enhancement. They must practice prudent dosing to avoid side effects, such as acne, hair loss, liver damage and gynecomastia.