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  How to inject steroids
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How to inject steroids

After you decided to opt for injectable steroids, the next step for an effective and safe bodybuilding regimen is to know how to inject steroids. Knowing how to inject steroids will keep you safe and also will help you achieve the full efficacy of the steroids of your choice.

The intramuscular (IM) injection is the best route for injectable steroids. Intramuscularly is the best way to inject both oil-based and water-based steroids because it allows the compound to directly enter the muscle tissues.

The following are helpful tips on how to inject steroids.

When you are injecting steroids, be sure to avoid using needles more than once and remember that you must not share needles. Sharing needles when injecting steroids is a non-sterile technique, and thus could give rise to serious health issues. You could get transmittable diseases like Hepatitis-B and AIDS when you share needles.

Another tip for how to inject steroids is to sterilize or sanitize the injection site and your injection paraphernalia. An alcohol swab should be always at hand to sterilize everything – injection site, vials, and syringes. Wash your hands thoroughly before injecting steroids.

Additional tip on how to inject steroids is you must avoid preloading syringes for more than two hours before injection schedule. Preloaded syringes tend to clog and also can heighten the occurrence of infection.