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Are legal steroids for real?

Legal Steroids

Is there such thing as legal steroids?

This has always been a contentious question among users of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), especially the novices, as many online pharmacies and steroid sites offer numerous ‘legal’ steroids. If you see such ads, our advice is you better think twice before taking the bait since legal steroids are too good to be true.

Under the United States federal law, anabolic-androgenic steroids are controlled substances. The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 loosely defined anabolic-androgenic steroids as “any drug or hormonal substance chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone.” Said act exempts estrogens, progestins, and corticosteroids.

This definition was modified by the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004, which was signed into federal law in October 2004. Under this new law, prohormones are included in the definition and thereby classifying tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), androstenedione, and specified related chemicals as controlled substances. This same law, which took effect January 2005, also increased the penalty for its violators. Punishment for trafficking of anabolic steroids has been elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony. On parenthetical note, you can thank Sen. Joe Biden, et. al., for pushing for such amendments.  

Legal or Illegal Prohormones?

A prohormone is a precursor to a hormone, which usually exerts hormonal effects once inside the system when it is converted into a hormone. Conversion of prohormone to hormone is via enzymatic processes and it principally occurs in the endoplasmic reticulum. After ingestion, prohormones are metabolized into testosterone. As such, prohormones are capable of eliciting muscle and strength gains since they exert basically the same anabolic and androgenic effects as anabolic steroids.

Prohormones, sometimes referred to as steroid precursors or pro-steroids, “are one step removed from the substances regulated in the law” as Biden put it on the Senate floor during his sponsorship of the amendments on the Controlled Substances Act. Meanwhile, the World-Anti Doping Agency called them “functional equivalent of steroids” and concluded that they pose serious health risks to users similar to those observed with anabolic steroid intake.

Before the signing of the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 2004, prohormones enjoyed legal status. Prior to the implementation of this law, prohormones were popular among bodybuilders and athletes who veered away from anabolic steroids precisely because of the legal risks. Remember the case of Mark McGwire? McGwire had used androstenedione when it was still an over-the-counter supplement. Andro, which was originally manufactured as a dietary supplement, was called as McGwire’s little home run pill. It had enjoyed patronage from Major League players during the 1990s. The compound is now banned by WADA and by major sports organizations. Andro is also a prohibited substance in the US military.

Legal Steroid Analogs?

As for steroid analogs, well, the government pretty much covered steroid analogs also. They came up with the Federal Analog Act (specifically pertaining to drugs under Schedule I and II), a section of the Controlled Substances Act, which classifies a compound that is “substantially similar” in structure and effect to a controlled substance as a controlled compound. Designer drugs are generally classified as analogs.

So if someone sells you a steroid analog and tells you that it’s legal, you better cross out that option since it is considered illegal compound under this act. That is, if the substance really contains a chemical that is “substantially similar” to an anabolic steroid. If it does not contain any thing that can exert any form of enhancement, then you’re just being ripped off.

Legal Steroid Alternatives?

Now, if someone offers you legal steroids alternatives, such as protein powders and creatine, it is (legally) safer for you to take them.

As opposed to anabolic-androgenic steroids, nutritional supplements do not require prescription – they can be bought over the counter. They are not banned by any of the major sports organizations. And, yes, they are legal in the United States.

After the discussion above, you have now (hopefully) better protection against those who will try to sell you legal steroids.
And since you need to know all about the legal aspects of steroid use, the next question that should be answered is: “Is it legal to buy steroids from Internet pharmacies operating outside the United States?”

The answer to that is yes and no.

The Drug Enforcement Agency is explicit with this provision:  "For a prescription to be valid under federal and state law, there must be a bona fide doctor patient relationship, which is defined by most state laws to require a physical examination. “Completing a questionnaire that is then reviewed by a doctor hired by the internet pharmacy could not be considered the basis for a doctor/patient relationship.”

"Moreover, if the prescription drug is a controlled substance and the drug is being imported into the U.S. from a foreign country and being shipped to anyone other than a DEA-registered importer, such transaction is a felony in violation of Sections 957 and 960 of Title 21, United States Code."

Can you Buy Steroids online?

Yes, you can buy steroids and legal steroids on the internet.  There is an FDA law allowing a 90 day personal supply of medicine.  Anabolic steroids are a legitimate legal prescription medicine.  Steroids are used for many medical conditions, from HIV/AIDS patients to Cancer patients.

"In 1988 the FDA issued a directive regarding the importation of medications for personal use. This came about as a result of the tremendous pressure the FDA got from senior citizens, aids activists etc. In addition, drug prices were outpacing inflation by some 12%. Their guideline was a 90 day supply, for personal use only."

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