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Online steroid suppliers

Before you decide to get your steroids from online steroid suppliers, a word of warning for you. Ninety-five percent – that’s 95%! – of online steroid suppliers are bogus. Thus, you are advised to know everything about online transaction before purchasing your products from online steroid suppliers.

There are Internet sites that provide or sell list of legitimate online steroid suppliers, you can get a copy of those to avoid scammers. You can also visit steroid or bodybuilding forums to read through the discussion threads. Forums are great sources of practical information on steroids – learn the pros and cons of steroids from real users of these compounds. These forums also impart feedback of online steroid suppliers. You can post your own questions relating to this concern, but do not provide personal information such as name and address – authorities sometimes monitor forums and chat rooms to catch nonmedical users of steroids.
Another important thing to keep in mind when buying your gear from online steroid suppliers – do not provide other personal information other than what is needed to complete transaction. Your name, address and credit card number (if you’re using credit card) are typically what you need to provide. If the site is asking for your Social Security number or your mother’s maiden name, find yourself another online steroid supplier.