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Online steroids

Buying steroids online may be the safest way to obtain your bodybuilding gear nowadays. Remember that these are scheduled drugs and purchasing without prescription is illegal. Thus, many opt for shopping online since this offers the least risk of being caught – that is, if you know how to keep yourself from the prying eyes of the law. Here are a few tips to when you buy online steroids, especially if you don’t know the reputation of the online shop you’re buying your steroids from.

When you buy steroids online, make sure you don’t give out details before you’re absolutely sure that the shop is legitimate. If it is possible, you can call up and talk to a company representative.  You can find out if the company is legit also by checking out scammers lists. Search for reviews regarding the online shop and their products and you can do this by browsing through steroids and bodybuilding forums. Make sure that the company you’re buying from uses secure technology, such as the padlock. The padlock is a security measure for online consumers which is a closed lock that shows up at the usually at bottom of the screen. When you enter your credit card information the padlock should appear and the Web address should begin with an ‘https’.