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  Opinions on steroids
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Opinions on steroids

Opinions on steroids are generally negative. This is because there have been a lot of misconceptions about steroids. Perhaps this is because of the tendency of media to highlight the negative aspects of everything including steroids. As you well know bad news sell more than good news.

So people constantly hear of roid rage as allegedly caused by steroid use. Then they hear some more about steroids causing liver damage, cardiovascular dysfunction, mental disorders, and so on; thus, the negative opinions on steroids. No wonder, a large segment of the public has this distorted or exaggerated perception of steroids. Most of the hysterical claims and negative opinions on steroids you hear are not substantiated by hard, scientific evidence. There has not been any recognized medical or scientific person or group that has authoritatively stated that anabolic steroids are indeed as dangerous as the media has made them out to be. Why is that?

This is because no one is willing to go against the flow, so to speak. Many today have negative opinions on steroids, particularly government and sports officials, that to dispense truthful opinions on steroids is to encourage scrutiny or stigma from this people. That being the case you can expect that the mostly negative opinions on steroids will persist for quite a while.