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Steroid alternatives

Since using anabolic steroids without prescription is considered a federal felony, athletes and bodybuilders look for other means to make them bigger, stronger, and faster – they turn to steroid alternatives.

Steroid alternatives are also referred to as legal steroids with the latter title obviously indicating that unlike in the case of anabolic-androgenic steroids you don’t need a prescription to obtain steroid alternatives.  Steroid alternatives are readily available over-the-counter compounds in most health and drug stores. And just like AAS, steroid alternatives can be used for different bodybuilding purposes. There are steroid alternatives that promote muscle growth and there are those that effectively burn fat.

In other words, steroid alternatives can get you slim down or bulk up without the health risks associated with heavy anabolic steroid use. These health risks are one of the reasons why AAS are controlled drugs in the United States – they can cause serious damage to the users’ well-being, especially if they are improperly used. Acne, hormonal imbalance, and elevation of bad cholesterol are some of the risks AAS users may face. This is not to say that steroid alternatives do not cause side effects (any drug compound has its inherent risks); however, in the case of steroid alternatives the negative effects are relatively milder and easier to avoid by majority of users.