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Steroid cream

A steroid cream is a transdermal preparation of an anabolic steroid. One of the most popular examples of this form of steroid is the “The Cream” which became a household term in 2003, when the Bay-Area Laboratory Co-Operative steroid distribution network was exposed.

“The Clear" is the term used by the now infamous founder of BALCO, Victor Conte, on the designer drug he distributed to several elite athletes. This steroid cream is a transdermal designer drug containing testosterone and epitestosterone. It has been alleged that MLB’s Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Gary Sheffield have used this steroid cream to enhance their performance.

The steroid cream is particularly useful to athletes who undergo drug testing; if you’re not of these athletes, you are advised against obtaining this compound because of its high cost. Obviously, the attraction of steroid cream is its stealth ability; you can use high amounts of steroid cream and still beat blood test.

A steroid cream has some advantages over any other forms of anabolic steroids; however, it has also its share of disadvantages. Sustained application of steroid cream may result to tolerance leading to reduced effects; thus, it is advised that sites of applications must be rotated when you’re using a steroid cream.