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Steroid sachets

Steroid sachets are simply anabolic steroids packed in sachets, which means that you’re getting the same anabolic agents in new packaging. Steroids are controlled substances and that means you can only get them legally through a valid prescription. If you’re using steroids for nonmedical purposes, this could pose a problem, but enterprising and inventive individuals are able to come up with steroids in sachets to circumvent this obstacle.

Steroid sachets are considered stealth steroids since they can easily pass through detection of customs officers or postal workers. There are no distinctive markings on the steroid sachets; those who see them conclude that the packages merely contain massage oil.

Steroid sachets are usually 2’wide and 2’ high, and not more than ¼’ thick, containing 3.5 ml of anabolic steroid. Since the solution has the tendency to remain in the package or in the syringe, the 0.5ml is really an assurance that you’ll get at least 3ml of anabolic agent.

The materials used for the packaging are multi-layered and high-grade, ensuring the contents are well-protected from the outside elements – temperature changes, damages during shipment, etc. Steroid sachets have a shelf life of 5 years.