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  Steroid statistics
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Steroid statistics

It is obvious that ‘steroid statistics’ in no longer a term heard in the professional sporting world – it is now commonly heard in high school gyms, celebrity gossip mags, on law enforcement departments, and so on. Several studies on steroid use point out that there is no doubt the steroid statistics has spread out and bleed over other demographics.

Health experts are particularly troubled by steroid statistics among adolescents. Studies show that majority of teen abusers of steroids tend to be male athletes seeking to enhance their performance vying for college scholarships or recognition in and outside of the sports arena.

The Monitoring the Future National Survey on Drug by the University of Michigan in 2006 shows that 2.7% of high school seniors admitted to have tried steroids at least once in their lifetime.  

The same MTF study shows other important statistics. Among 8th graders, 1.6% have tried to use steroids at least once in their lifetime and 0.9 of them have used steroids in the past year while 0.5% have used in the past month.

Among the 10th graders, the statistics of steroid use is higher, showing that on this demographic, 1.8%, have tried to use steroids once in their lifetime.