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  Steroid use in pro sports
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Steroid use in pro sports

Will steroid use in pro sports be eradicated?

The quick answer to that is NO, steroid use in pro sports will not be eradicated. Despite anti-doping organizations’ stepping up their programs, steroid use in pro sports will around us for good.

Why is steroid use popular in pro sports?

Athletes involved in pro sports have so much to gain from steroid use. Steroids are known to promote positive functions within the body that give these athletes an edge over their competitors. This is to say that as long as steroid use promotes muscle mass and strength gains, as well as provides endurance to athletes, there will be prevalent use of steroids in pro sports. This is the primary reason why many in pro sports use steroids. We all know that in pro sports, a quarter of an inch or a quarter of a second decides a winner and this is why athletes in pro sports find any means, including steroid use, to gain an edge.

Another reason why steroid use in pro sports is now becoming a standard practice by some is due to technology that allows constant development of synthetic hormones. Also, the continual discovery of masking agents and techniques encourages steroid use in pro sports.