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  Steroid withdrawal
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Steroid withdrawal

Health professionals advise that steroids should be taken at the shortest possible time because these compounds can suppress your body’s normal hormonal secretion. However, no matter how short the steroid intake is, there’s still the probability of you still experiencing steroid withdrawal symptoms when you decrease or completely cease your dosage of these compounds. Generally, of course, the longer your steroid cycle is the higher the possibility of the occurrence of steroid withdrawal symptoms.

Steroid withdrawal symptoms include mood swings, insomnia, restlessness, reduced libido, decreased appetite and depression. Depression is considered to be one of the most dangerous steroid withdrawal symptoms, which is known to persist for a year or more especially if you have abused these drugs. Depression is a serious medical illness characterized by persistent feeling of sadness, pessimism, guilt, helplessness and other negative emotions. This steroid withdrawal symptom does not only affect the mind but the body as well; you can experience headaches, fatigue, back aches, and joint pains. If you experience this steroid withdrawal symptom, it is best to seek medical advice because depression can lead to suicidal behavior. Weight loss may also be one of the steroid withdrawal symptoms.

To counter most of these steroid withdrawal symptoms, you can utilize a post-cycle therapy with the use of drugs like anti-estrogens and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).