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  Steroids and women bodybuilders effects pictures
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Steroids and women bodybuilders effects pictures

There is now wide acceptance of women in the field of sports. Nowadays, it is commonplace to find women engaged in such sports like bodybuilding. As such, it is also commonplace to hear women bodybuilders using steroids to enhance their physique.It is known that steroids are pervasively used in bodybuilding. Bodybuilders, both men and women, not only engage in intense bodybuilding training and strict diet but also resort to steroid use.

What are the effects of steroids on women bodybuilders?

You can browse through bodybuilding magazines to see pictures of women bodybuilders. The pictures clearly indicate the effects of steroids on women bodybuilders.  When women bodybuilders use steroids, they lose the natural curves associated with women – women bodybuilders will resemble the physique of men. This is because steroids are derived from testosterone, the hormone responsible for the growth of male secondary sexually characteristics in men. So, you can picture what will women bodybuilders look like when they use steroids. The masculinization effects of steroids on women include lowering or deepening of voice, hirsutism, as well as male pattern baldness. Women bodybuilders may also experience steroid side effects that cannot be seen in pictures – these are the adverse reactions that occur inside the body, which are far more risky than the visible side effects.