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  Steroids gone wrong
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Steroids gone wrong

Recently, there were these pictures circulating on the Internet of a young man who had severe acne breakouts because of a case of steroids gone wrong. His pictures showed his chest and back areas with pus-filled zits which left behind unsightly scars.

There are several reasons why steroids go wrong. Health professionals always warn potential users of anabolic steroids of the possible effects of these drugs on their well-being.

To avoid experiencing the steroids-gone-wrong scenario, it’s prudent for you to research first on the drugs you plan to use. It’s better if you can consult with a physician to help you determine if you have allergic reactions to certain steroids or you have pre-existing condition or familial disposition towards the known side effects of steroids.

Almost always, steroids go wrong when the user does not practice recommended dosage and cycle duration. You must bear in mind that any substances you take into your system have potential side effects, moreso if it is improperly used. This is especially true in case of drugs.

If you opt to use injectable steroids, make sure that you observe proper injection procedure to avoid infection. Do not re-use syringes especially if they’d been used by other people. This dangerous practice may expose you to communicable diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.