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Steroids pictures

You must know everything about steroids before you decide to use steroids. This is because steroids can be dangerous to your health if you used them inappropriately. One of the first things you should know about steroids is how they look like. For your safety, look for pictures of all types of steroids. Oral steroids come in both pill and capsule forms. Injectable steroids are usually sold in vials, ampules, or bottles.

A picture of a steroid in ampule form will display a sealed glass, with the name of the drug and its manufacturer clearly imprinted on the glass or label. The right way to use this form is to cut off the top portion and a needle is used to withdraw the content. A picture of steroid in vial form will show a small bottle, around 2 inches in height. From the picture, you can see that a vial is basically similar to an ampule except for the top part – a vial has a rubber top while an ampule is made of glass including its top portion. The correct way to use this form of steroid is to insert the needle through the rubber top and slowly withdraw its contents.  Some steroids pictures will show you steroids in bottle form. Bottles are similar to vials only the former tend to be larger.

Steroids Pictures

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Anavar Equipoise Testosterone-enanthate
Andriol Fakes Thai-phoenix
Clenbuterol Primobolan Trenbolone
Clomid Proviron Turanabol
Deca-durabolin Sustanon-250 Winstrol