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Women steroids

Although women are generally advised against steroids, there are some steroids that can offer benefits to women with the least of side effects. Among the drugs which are relatively mild and, therefore, can be considered as women steroids are Primobolan, Winstrol, and Anavar. Should women opt to use steroids to enhance their figure and look, these are the top three choices for them.

Remember that steroids are derived from the male hormones (primarily testosterone), and thus women do not tolerate steroids as well as men do.  Although women have naturally occurring testosterone in their body, any significant increase can cause hormonal imbalance in their body. Such imbalance can cause adverse reactions in women, resulting to virilization symptoms. These steroid side effects on women are oftentimes irreversible.

Thus, women should closely monitor their steroid intake. Women should not take extremely potent steroids. Also, they are advised to take more conservative dosages than what their male counterparts are taking.

Women can suffer steroid side effects such as excessive hair growth (hirsutism), menstrual stoppages as well as breast and clitoral shrinkage. These side effects are of particular concern when cycle duration is prolonged and/or dosages are excessive.