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  Athletes on steroids
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Athletes on steroids

If caught, athletes on steroids will typically suffer either one or all of the following: ban from the sport (can be for life), monetary fine (amounting to thousands of dollars), stripping of medals (as in the case of Ben Johnson and Marion Jones), and revoked or suspended license. Athletes on steroids may also suffer the stigma of their peers and the public. Despite all of these possible consequences, why do athletes still insist in using steroids? Simple: Athletes on steroids want to win the game.

Athletes take steroids because these banned compounds are known to enhance the performance levels of athletes. Steroids enhance the athlete’s performance by increasing the strength and endurance. Athletes on steroids are said to exhibit most of the positive aspects of athletic performanceathletes on steroids are reportedly stronger, bigger, and faster. This is why many consider athletes on steroids as cheaters because they gain unfair advantage over their opponents. Steroids also heighten the athlete’s aggression level. This means that when athletes are on steroids they display an enhanced aggression that can make them win in the playing field. Many say that as long as there are high stakes for competitive sports – sponsorships, accolades, recognition – we will be seeing a lot of athletes on steroids.