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Thursday 31, Jan 2008

Steroid dealer bust

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This bust happened in Nashua, wtf is Nashua ? turns out it’s some redneck town in New Hampshire with a population of about 50.  No wonder the cops have nothing better to do then to bust steroids.

Last known, the local politicians had a bit of a problem with the economy, hmm let’s not concentrate on the economic failures of our city, but rather concentrate on steroids.  Of course! that draws attention away from the real problems.  After all steroids are really the problem everyone should talk about haha!

 A Nashua man pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges he ran a steroids ring out of his Lake Street home.

Then again, is the government to blame for this guys being goofy? He took payments in greetings cards, i.e. showed his face at some mailbox to pick up the money from selling steroids.  Is that smart? I mean for the buyer for the anabolic steroids, when you buy steroids do you think it’s smart to send $ to some guy thru the mail system?  Wouldn’t it be safe to say that the seller is probably being watched by the same people who sent $ to purchase their steroids batch but were government officials.  Let’s face it, use some common sense.

Cashmon mailed the steroids to buyers around the country, receiving payments through wire and electronic transfers and cash hidden in greeting cards. 

Wednesday 30, Jan 2008

South Korea cares about steroids?

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It sure seems like south korea has now taken up some type of anti-steroid cause.  Interestingly, in time for the the Olympics? or to show the world their athletes don’t use drugs? Since in the last olympics we had about 20 Koreans caught for doping, steroids, EPO and many other substances; now they are trying to show off being non-druggies haha!

Did you know that every  month about 2-4 Korean teenagers and adolescents die from playing video games?  That’s right, every month Korea is home to over 4 deaths due to video game abuse, but they do NOTHING about it.  However, they have the time, willpower and idiotic resources to track down some bodybuilders using steroids?

Forget the fact that South Korea has not solved it’s problems with the communist North Korea…let’s concentrate on steroids and divert our failing economy voes and real problems.  Steroid busts are the answer ? or are they? wait 1-2 years in the USA an everywhere else politicians are going to start losing elections because they look like they are wasting huge resources, manpower and financial (taxpayer dollars) on trying to combat a problem which doesn’t exist.  Steroid use is not bad and neither should it be treated so.   People don’t die from using Deca Durabolin and Dianabol!

 Bodybuilders including a former member of national bodybuilding team have been arrested on charges of smuggling steroids.

The Customs Office in Busan Wednesday indicted eight bodybuilders for smuggling anabolic steroids worth 170 million won

Tuesday 29, Jan 2008

Best steroids list is out

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Just to give you a taste, a new article about Best Steroids has come out on the isteroids homepage.

Read about best steroids here…

Tuesday 29, Jan 2008

Steroids testing in Indiana, failed!

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indiana steroidsBasically a legislative bill in the state of Indiana which would have required testing of high school students for steroids (instead of let’s say methamphetamine!!!) has died in the legislative process. The lawmakers have come to their senses on steroids, at least in Indiana they have. Congratulations to the legislative body in Indiana for not wasting time and taxpayer dollars on steroid testing, and congratulations to the taxpayers of Indiana for not having to bear the burden of idiotic political policies! Steroids are NOT the problem of the state or federal governments (don’t force drug testing for stupid things), they are the problem of the body which is involved with steroids – i.e. Major League Baseball (MLB) or Nevada state commission for athletes.

We should all congratulate Indiana legislative body for realizing reality and stepping up to the “baseball” plate to stop dealing with the steroids issues like a blind man watching his favorite porno.

Finally legislators are realizing the scale of the so called “steroid problem” is so small and the cost is so large that it’s a total waste of taxpayer dollars. Better see a larger investment into the growth of the Indiana economy then taxpayer dollars dumped into steroid testing.

[Greg Porter, D-Indianapolis] explained Monday that he’s uncertain about the severity of a steroids problem in the state, as well as testing costs

Tuesday 29, Jan 2008

Pharmacy owner dead

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This is one death you can attribute to steroids, but NOT to steroid use but to steroid investigations aka waste of taxpayer dollars, which have lead to THOUSANDS of lives being destroyed.  Good white collar folks with good jobs and abiding attitude have been targeted by the government in idiotic steroid probes which neither prove nor solve anything!  The end to all things is these steroid probes do more harm then good.

 A co-owner of a Bay Ridge pharmacy who was caught in a steroid scandal last year that touched the New York City Police Department was found dead Monday from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound on the floor above the drugstore, police said.

Sunday 27, Jan 2008

More doctors arrested for steroids

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doctor steroidsIt’s on again, the governments of states (and even on a federal level) are breaking the law by arresting and prosecuting legal pharmacies. Alright, let’s see what these steroids/HGH “distribution” pharmacies did.

1) Talk to patient about health problems; many health issues are caused by low testosterone and low growth hormone levels

2) Take blood test of patient

3) if blood test comes out low, show it to the doctor, who after examining the patients records and looking at blood tests, issues a prescription for some testosterone or low dose HGH

4) pharmacy fills the prescription

Please tell me, why is this illegal? how is this different from shooting people up full of Xanax or anti-depressants or any other crappy drug the pharmaceutical industry over there in USA pushes on people? it’s not! just the government decided to change steroids laws instead of really working on the hard issues like the economy or war in Iraq.

Three local doctors have been implicated in a national illegal steroid distribution ring, with one having already pleaded guilty in Alabama earlier this week.

Sunday 27, Jan 2008

Art Atwood = government snitch on steroids

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art Atwood steroidsArt Atwood is officially a government snitch. It turns out he ran a supplement business as a cover for dealing fake steroids. Apperantly, he was busted with something like 200 bottles of fake steroids, i.e. bottles filled with just oil. That makes you wonder how they can charge him with anything, well you don’t need to wonder, as Art Atwood has become a huge bodybuilding snitch. In case you didn’t know, Art Atwood is a “famous” professional (pro) bodybuilder, if you can really be a famous one! haha. Pro Bodybuilding is a joke and it’s a dying sport, expect Mr. Olympia to be near death by 2010.

Prosecutors could have tried Atwood…on multiple counts of drug conspiracy, seeking to make an example of [the] bodybuilder suspected of distributing steroids. But instead, they made deals that could keep [him] from serving any prison time. (source: NYtimes)

So, it’s official. The joker sport of pro bodybuilding has been taken down another notch by it’s ability to have it’s top guys get caught for steroid use and then snitch everyone out. Of course, it’s NOT hard to find steroid users if you’re a pro bodybuilder haha, I mean don’t all bodybuilders use steroids.  It looks like Mr. Atwood is going to finger as hell of a lot of people in the steroids industry, let’s watch to see who.

Saturday 26, Jan 2008

Are rodeo cowboys using steroids ?

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rodeo steroidsAre rodeo cowboys using steroids? well the recent polls show that after bass fishing and baseball we are thinking of holding hearings about steroid testing in rodeo games. In fact, it’s a wide believed fact that rodeos are starting to test cowboys for steroids. Imagine your performance enhancing ability to hold on to the rope if you injected some deca into your ass or swallowed some dianabol ? wow what a shame.

Testing for steroids is becoming more common in horse racing, but it’s virtually unheard of in the rodeo world.

I wonder, what’s the point of testing in horse racing? I mean do those 4’3 jockeys use steroids? is that even possible?

Saturday 26, Jan 2008

Bass fishing on steroids ?

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bass fishing steroidsWe at isteroids decided to do an investigative article about fisherman and professional bass champions using steroids.

It turned out no one gives a damn about bass fisherman using steroids, or where they buy steroids , why? Congress ignored our calls like they have better things to do! let’s face it, this is BASS FISHING a TRULY American sport, just as Aunt Bee would like it. We send soldiers to other countries to defend our right to bass fish, the freedom to do so, but we ignore steroids in bass fishing?

After extensive discussions with withe FBI we decided that on the next professional bass fishing tour, we will send a CIA U2 spy plane over bass fishing waters to check if those bastard bass fisherman are injecting testosterone!

Fyi, this is just a joke skit, but it’s just about as smart as the baseball investigations…

Just a note, I have amazing respect for the FBI and what they do, and I feel bad for them having to investigate bullshit steroids cases instead of concentrating on protecting Americans in USA from terrorists and other HUGE domestic problems.  The truth is that steroids in baseball and any other sports should have NOTHING to do with the government.  Let the sports organizations handle the sports and the government handle the government!

Friday 25, Jan 2008

Doctor guilty in steroids case

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steroids doctorSo this doctor was sentenced for issuing prescriptions for steroids, legally!!! it’s interesting how the government views steroids, with obviously NO medical or scientific knowledge to back up what they are saying.

“Anabolic steroids are a scourge that can wreck the health of the people who obtain them for anti-aging or physical enhancement,” U.S. Attorney Deborah Rhodes said in a prepared statement.

wow, so since when have steroids used for ANTI aging to help men recover from low testosterone levels been bad? terrible ignorance by the government.

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