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Thursday 22, May 2008

Cal Ripken Jr: steroids helping baseball

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MLB_steroidsIf you didn’t already know, baseball is one of the most boring sports in the world to watch. Without a good 6 pack of beer, you’re not getting thru more then a few innings and even then it’s boring as shit. Baseball was dying before Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire hit those all time records, but wait, so why is Barry Bonds being treated like a criminal? well, it seems that people in the government have a problem. Failing economy, failing war in Iraq and other issues have pushed congress and other federal agencies to seek scapegoats in times of crisis, they found one: STEROIDS . But, you can see that steroids have done nothing but HELP baseball grow. Cal Ripken Jr. himself says that baseball would not grow at the rate of today without the use of steroids.

Cal Ripken Jr. has a different stance than many baseball fans when it comes to the impact of the steroid era in Major League Baseball.

While many pundits and former players argue over the merits of who may or may not have juiced, the Hall of Fame shortstop looks on the bright side.

“If you’re looking for one silver lining, this issue of steroids has caused the two groups to come together in unprecedented ways. We haven’t had a work stoppage and the collective bargaining agreement moves forward,” Ripken said in an interview on 99.9 FM The Fan on Monday.

He added, “Maybe it was the cloud of steroids that helped do that.”

Ripken also discussed The Ripken Foundation, his thoughts on the Orioles’ current team, and where his career path will turn next.

He did not rule out returning to Major League Baseball someday, but perhaps in a different capacity than one may assume.

Wednesday 21, May 2008

Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Steroids

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Recently we came up on a quote from the author of Bigger, Stronger, Faster.  It seems the author has some misconceptions about steroids and dietary supplements.  First of all, let’s clear up some myths, dietary supplements do NOT contain steroids, and EVEN if they did contain steroids they would be oral steroids such as dianabol and anavar which would NOT stay in the system long enough to show up on a blood test.  Second of all, Sean Sherk tested positive for nandrolone (deca durabolin) which is NOT an oral steroid and CANNOT be taken orally.  Listen, if Sean Sherk went out to buy steroids then use steroids such as Deca Durabolin, FINE! but be a man about it and admit it, don’t pussyfoot around and bullshit everyone that you took some supplements and that’s why you tested positive for steroids.

The reason any athlete can blame anything on dietary supplements is that they’re unregulated also. A dietary supplement basically says if it’s something in the food supply that’s not an illegal drug, like marijuana or cocaine, then you could use it in a dietary supplement. There’s really not much more of a regulation on that so when an athlete like Sean Sherk is taking that, who’s to say that it’s not the supplement because we don’t really know,” stated Christopher Bell, director of the highly acclaimed steroid documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*”

Tuesday 20, May 2008

Women accused of steroid smuggling

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law_minnesota steroids

First of all, how the heck do steroids mix with protected wildlife?

Two east Metro women were indicted Monday in connection with smuggling protected wildlife into the state.

So they got wildlife and steroids ???

Pa Lor of Oakdale and 36-year-old Tia Yang of Lake Elmo were each charged Monday with one count of conspiracy to smuggle wildlife and one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute steroids.

Ok, these women somehow brought elephants into the USA and sold them at a market in St. Paul? how the hell do you get a Leopard or Elephant past customs? let’s face it, it’s not a 5lbs. rat!

Their indictment alleges that from 2005 to 2006, the two women brought wildlife into the state and sold them at the International Marketplace in St. Paul. The women sold elephants, giant squirrels, leopard cats, mongooses, and flying squirrels.

Over a span of two years, investigators purchased wildlife from Lor at a booth in the International Marketplace, a booth leased by Yang.

In 2006, authorities executed a search warrant at the market booth and recovered a black-striped weasel, gibbon, leaf monkey, monitor lizard, tapir, slider turtles, and small-clawed otter.

So, how do you tie wildlife smugglers and steroids? or does this seem like a set up? maybe they couldn’t pin anything big on them so they threw in some mainstream media steroid charges to boot?

The two women also illegally purchased 184 units of a substance containing steroids.

Actually this is wrong! the penalty for selling elephants and the other shit they did would only be about 1-2 years in prison tops and not many jury members would feel pissed at them for selling a lizard, but for steroids they can get 5 years in jail since the bullshit media hype and lies about steroid use.  Sounds like these 2 ladies were set up!

If convicted, both Lor and Yang face potential maximum penalties of five years in prison on the smuggling count and five years on the steroid count.

Monday 19, May 2008

Barry Bonds Lied about Steroids

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barrybonds-steroidsSince prosecutors couldn’t get Barry Bonds on the initial steroid charges, they trumped up some new charges about his steroid use. Now it seems a federal grand jury will bring more charges against Barry Bonds, mainly a list of about 14 charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. So, how does this work? if we fail to get him on 1 charge we just put him in double jeopardy and keep going after him? Yes so Barry Bonds used steroids, who cares! it’s old news now.

A federal grand jury brought a longer array of perjury charges against baseball home run king Barry Bonds on Tuesday after a judge tossed out earlier allegations of lies about past steroid use. The latest indictment charges the U.S. career home run record holder with 14 counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.

Sunday 18, May 2008

WWE Steroids and Mr Kennedy

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WWE-steroidsWWE and steroid use is a common combination of words. Most wrestlers in WWE are using steroids, the same goes for celebrities.  Now Mr Kennedy (a big wrestler) is coming out talking about his steroid use.  He had an injury  and went to his doctor because he couldn’t recover well.  After extensive blood testing, it turns out Mr Kennedy had low testosterone levels, so he ordered anabolic steroids from Signature Pharmacy.  However, after an illegal raid on Signature Pharmacy all private records of everyone were seized and made public, what happened to doctor patient confidentiality?  Mr Kennedy doesn’t look like he takes steroids.

Mr Kennedy goes in to more details about his steroid usage during the Signature Pharmacy scandal last Summer:

“I had been receiving medication because I had been injured,” he says. “I went to the doctor and my levels of testosterone were low, so he prescribed medication. At no point did I ever go out and buy drugs on an Internet pharmacy. My doctor went on the Internet. I had no idea where they were coming from.”

(It is abnormal for a man Kennedy’s age to have low testosterone).

“Look at me. I’m not a big jacked-up guy. In small doses, they can be good for you. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I will never make that mistake again. It was a rough part in my life. It sucked being suspended.”

Saturday 17, May 2008

Steroids, Diuretics Used to Control Weight

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steroids-weightAccording to a recent study, participation in sports with real or perceived requirements motivates teens to adapt aggressive weight control behaviors including use of anabolic steroids. The study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota was published in 2007 in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Ballet, sports, and wrestling are some of the sports that are linked with this weight control practice among teenagers. The study found that 6% of males between the ages 12 to 18 induced vomiting within the week before survey. Those who are not into weight-related sports figured only at 0.9%.

Diuretics are also being used to maintain ‘ideal’ weight. The use of diuretics within the previous year was reported by 4.2% of males in a weigh-related sport, while only 0.8% of those who were not involve in this type of sport.

In females, steroid use was reported at 6.8% by those involved in weight-related sports while only 2.3% of those who are not participating in weight-related sport. Laxatives are also substances commonly used to control weight.

“The link between unhealthy weight-control behaviors and weight-related sports, especially in boys, is alarming,” said Marla Eisenberg, Sc.D., M.P.H., assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Pediatrics. “Parents and coaches should emphasize skill and talent instead of weight and body image and educate teens about the negative health effects of steroid use and extreme weight control.”

Said study has surveyed more than 4,500 middle and high school students from the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.
Synthetic steroids are derived male hormone, testosterone. They are particularly popular in the athletics, especially in competitive sports, because they increase muscle mass and strength. According to anecdotal reports, steroids also improve endurance and accelerate recovery from injury.

The negative effects of steroid use may be due to abuse and misuse of these compounds. Users may experience health problems such as liver damage and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Friday 16, May 2008

Steroid Testing in Police Departments

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police-steroidsLooks like steroid are not only popular among athletes, but also among police enforcers. The ongoing investigation on steroid use in several police departments across the United States is speaking volumes.

The steroid scandal in Tennessee law enforcement agencies is intensifying, with the recent firing of Charles Cakora, an officer in the Hendersonville Police Department. And according to Drug Enforcement Agency sources, the drag net is expanding involving more individuals and more states in the investigation.

Police departments are also currently planning to implement random testing for steroids. The New York Police Department, which has the largest police force in the country, will commence with its random screening come July this year. The announcement was made last month due to allegations that a criminal ring was supplying steroids to police officers. The NYPD has already adapted a program in testing for narcotics on its 36,000 officers. With the plan steroid screening, NYPD is expected to shell out $1 million each year.

Boston Police Department Commissioner Edward Davis is also thinking along the same line as the NYPD. As reported by Boston Globe, it seems Davis would like to submit police officers to regular testing for steroids. Currently, the BPD is regularly testing its officers for narcotics like cocaine and amphetamines. Officers are only screened for steroids if there is a suspicion of using these controlled substances. This is because testing for steroids costs a lot more than testing someone for narcotics use. A test routine for anabolic would cost at least $100 while only about $25 can test a suspected narcotic user.

The BPD has been involved in a steroid scandal in 2006 when federal investigators has found out that three police officers assigned in the department’s motorcycle unit were using steroids.

Steroids, or anabolic-androgenic steroids, are synthetic derivatives of the hormone testosterone. They are popular in competitive sports due to their enhancement of performance and physique.

Thursday 15, May 2008

Another Officer ‘Down’ Due to Steroids

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police-steroidsThe expanding federal probe on steroid use in Tennessee law enforcement has resulted to another head roll. This time around it is Officer Charles Cakora’s.

Hendersonville Chief Terry Frizzell has confirmed to the media that he fired Cakora due to steroid use. He came to a decision when the Drug Enforcement Agency paid him a visit Thursday. Cakora was said to be involved in purchase of ‘substantial amount of steroids’ in the months of November and December in 2007. Information was leaked to a news network that Cakora bought the steroids from Scott Haines, a personal trainer at the Nashville Athletic Club.

Haines was arrested February 19 this year for manufacturing and distributing anabolic steroids. Apparently, Haines was the steroid conduit for many police officers from around Tennessee who worked out at the Nashville Athletic Club.

As the investigation continues, it looks like all roads – and ‘roids – lead to Haines, including the one taken by Cakora. Before Cakora’s firing, three other Metro police officers have been already suspended on February 29. Officers Mike Evans, Danny Cage and Stephen Reece are on “administrative assignment” with pay and required to be at home from the work hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., according to police spokesperson. All three officers were also connected with Haines.

Also, a police officer from Murfreesboro has already suffered the same fate as did Cakora. Officer Phillip Hatcher was also fired due to his implication with the steroid probe. Still many other officers are currently under investigation due to this scandal.

Moreover, the investigation has ‘broadened in scope’ according to a DEA representative and that the probe currently involves several states.

A nutritional supplement store owner, Mark Johnson, is now considered a main suspect in the investigation. One of the suspended Metro officers was a former co-owner of the store and where Haines was also a customer.

As for his fallen officer, Chief Frizzell has this to say: “I think it was very obvious to him and to all of our employees my disappointment in him.”

Wednesday 14, May 2008

Are Tests for Steroids Conclusive?

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steroids-testsIn recent years, many amateur and professional athletes have been served punishments because they have been tested positive for steroids. And the punishments have varied in severity. Some were slapped with just a reprimand, others with suspension, and a few were dealt with harsher penalties – a lifetime ban from professional sports plus a jail term. Take a look at Tammy Thomas’s case, one of the most recent and controversial convictions due to steroid use in professional sports.

Because of the possible penalties, and not to mention the ridicule that might likely to be suffered by a steroid use, this question arises: Are tests for steroids conclusive?

According to one BBC News article a drug test may not be absolutely indicate that an athlete is consciously taking steroids like nandrolone. The article says that “even though a drug test may indicate that the subject has apparently taken nandrolone to boost muscle growth and increase strength; this does not necessarily prove wrongdoing.”

This is because the body can naturally create a form of nandrolone. This can happen when you eat large quantities of meat products contaminated with this compound. It can also happen when ingesting dietary supplements whose metabolites are basically the same substances created when nandrolone is broken down. These dietary supplements are not illegal substances.

Nandrolone is a compound that is known to improve the athlete’s capacity to train and compete. And like most steroids, nandrolone also reduce fatigue thereby improving the endurance of athletes who use it.

Famous athletes who have been tested positive for nandrolone include sprinter Linford Christie of Britain, Czech tennis player Petr Korda, and Christophe Dugarry French rugby player.

In addition, a study commissioned and funded by Informed-Choice and conducted by HFL Ltd., a Cambridge, England-based testing lab, has found out that there were 13 sports supplements that contained banned steroids (out of 52 tested) and six contained banned stimulants (out of 54 tested). The study, however, did not name the supplements which include energy drinks.

Tuesday 13, May 2008

Steroid Use – Caricatured and Stigmatized

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cheatingsteroidsSteroid use is considered cheating in sports. It has been (and still is) a hot issue in competitive sports. And it looks like critics and supporters of steroid use could not find a common ground to talk about the many aspects of steroid use in athletics, including the legal and medical issues.

Supporters would say that synthetic steroids use is not an evil deed, as many suppose. Or, more to the point, as many presuppose as many sectors of society are not informed about the nature of these drugs, and yet are capable of arriving at derogatory conclusion. Stigma is almost always a product of misinformed or uniformed point of view; and stigma can morph into many forms that can further fuel the already hot topic. One such form is caricatures.

Steroid use in sports is quite a favorite subject of the art of caricaturing, and steroid users and supporters oftentimes do not agree with the portrayal. There’s this one caricature that elicits ire from steroid defenders, go to www.CartoonStock.com, and get a picture (or a caricature, to be more precise) of how others view steroids and their non-medical use.

It seems that we tend to caricature everything and everyone nowadays – from ideas to world views, from Osama to Allah, from Bush to Paris Hilton. But the question is do these portrayals submit the general picture?

True, supporters say, steroids do enhance the performance and physique of athletes, but several factors are required for an athlete to be the winner in the playing field. Also, using steroids is not different from enhancing one’s physical appearance through cosmetic products and surgeries. A liposuction, for instance, a surgical procedure used to rid the body off excess fatty tissues can be compared to using Proviron to avoid fat accumulation in the body.

At one end of this tightrope, are the critics who say that it is ethically and morally wrong to use these synthetic compounds as they cause undue advantage over other competitors. Therefore, whoever is found out using steroids should suffer punishments in the form of fines or ban from playing the sports.

Now, we ask when will there be a satisfactory agreement between these two sides? But the more important question is when will the stigma against steroid use end?

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