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Monday 26, Jan 2009


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radomski-steroidsKirk Radomski has been bumping into a lot of disputes lately, just after his book, “Bases Loaded”, had been available for preview. First there was this 2-time “correction” by George Mitchell, and now, Major League Baseball officials are not happy with what they’ve read.

Radomski wrote that players were summoned in order to tell them that they had positive results during tests for steroid use. According to the steroid dealer, one player approached him and told him that the commissioner’s office wanted him to drop by for that reason. The main problem with this is that testing during those times were introduced on an anonymous basis and that it would imply that the baseball officials had been trying to limit the number of athletes who would have positive results the next season by warning them early.

Rob Mandred, one of the drug test’s officials, tried to clarify the mistakes on the passage.

Interestingly, there is some misinformation written on Radomski’s book. One of these is that he mentioned that Roger Clemens and Jose Canseco even if they had played together several times. Another is an incident with Dwight Gooden testing positive for cocaine use during the wrong year.

Sunday 25, Jan 2009


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boxinggloves-steroidsThe sad truth is, yes, there are athletes using anabolic steroids. This truth makes it hard for lovers of the different sports to accept something they treasure become tainted with cheating and maliciousness. This is what Dr. George Del Junco probably felt upon discovering firsthand that Shane Mosley had been using performance enhancing drugs.

Dr. George (as he is known in the boxing profession) has worked with several boxers including Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya and Chicanito Hernandez. He had known Mosley since the latter was just 8 and had been his trainer and adviser. During an interview done by Dan Hernandez, Dr. George admitted to knowing that Mosley had used steroids and that he found this out through a very dramatic encounter. Most of the changes started when Jin, Mosley’s wife, became his new manager and started making the decisions for the team. Mosley was under a new conditioning coach brought in by Jin when he was training for the second fight with De La Hoya. Dr. George related that he noticed the sudden increase in Mosley’s body mass after just a few weeks of training. He knew then that Mosley had been using steroids.

Mosley started having terrible mood swings and was aggressive towards those who are around him. Eventually, Dr. George left the team heavy-hearted not only because he was emotionally hurt by the cold treatment of Mosley (whom he even referred to as “son”) but also because he couldn’t stand how Mosley treated the sports both of them love so much— boxing.

Saturday 24, Jan 2009


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kirkradomski-steroidsThe famous Mitchell Report lists down 90 current and former Major League Baseball players that had been using performance enhancing drugs. In order to create this list, George Mitchell needed the cooperation of steroid dealer Kirk Radomski who had provided anabolic steroids to different athletes. Radomski currently wrote a book, “Bases Loaded” that discusses how Mitchell attempted to tie athletes with steroid use. He wrote that before the release of the Mitchell Report, Mitchell himself asked him specific questions on the athletes. Mitchell had good information but needed a second source to confirm which of those players were using performance enhancing drugs. Mitchell needed Radomski to remember whom he had dealt with and make sure that the stories are correct. Radomski wrote that he didn’t have firsthand knowledge on some of the players that Mitchell asked about. These individuals were left out of the Mitchell Report.

Mitchell rebuts what Radomski had written, saying that the steroid dealer’s account on the conference was inaccurate.

This isn’t the first time Mitchell commented about what was written in Radomski’s book. The claims of the first dispute were similar to the second one.

On Monday, Mitchell disputed a separate passage in the book in which Radomski describes being asked by Mitchell about five high-profile major leaguers who were not among his customers. Radomski writes that Mitchell had suspicions about the five players and had been told by baseball officials that some had tested positive for steroids.

Radomski says he told Mitchell he had no firsthand knowledge linking these five players to drug use, and ultimately, only one of them was named in the report. Mitchell, however, said Monday that at no time did he raise with Radomski the names of specific players who had not previously been identified by Radomski.

While the publishers of the book have not yet released their comments on the ongoing dispute, “Bases Loaded” will be released in stores by next week.

Friday 23, Jan 2009


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kennedy-steroidsThe confusion on steroid use in professional wrestling never ceases. Apparently, Vince McMahon, the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, released a statement saying that he personally asked all the wrestlers suspended from the Signature Pharmacy scandal back in August 2007 if they had bought anabolic steroids from the online pharmacy. According to McMahon, all the wrestlers admitted to buying although some didn’t even use the drugs. One of the wrestlers that underwent that thirty-day suspension was Kenneth C. Anderson also known as “Mr. Kennedy” in the ring.

Two months ago, Mr. Kennedy did an interview with Live Audio Wrestling and his statement basically contradicted what McMahon had initially said during his interview in front of the  U. S. Congress. According to Mr. Kennedy, he never bought from Signature Pharmacy and it was his doctor who purchased the drugs for him. He said that he chose to keep quiet about it since the media would most probably just misinterpret what he would say. When asked if he took steroids, Mr. Kennedy said that he didn’t during that time. The thing is there are still some evidences and inconsistencies with Mr. Kennedy’s statement, especially when you look closely at his other interviews.

In his most recent interview, Mr. Kennedy admits to being aware of the pressure newer wrestlers face to the extent that they have to take steroids. He even added that taking steroids is not really necessary and that they should try not to use these drugs.

Friday 23, Jan 2009


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dog-steroidsThe use of anabolic steroids has not only spread in various human sports but also in the world of animal training. It has been reported that horses used in horse racing were given performance enhancing drugs to help them grow more, and this practice has been limited by a law passed this New Year. Now, news of steroid administration in dogs used in illegal dog fighting has been released. Seventeen pit bulls were seized in a house converted to a fighting arena for dogs. Some of the dogs were found to have been given androgenic steroids to increase their strength and trigger aggression. During the raid, police also found syringes and a liquid substance which is believed to be steroids, $300 in cash and marijuana. While the 9 people arrested were found to have possession of the prescription drugs, this might be the least of their problems now with charges of animal cruelty and illegal gambling.

Detroit Police Chief James Barren explained that dogfighting is a very cruel game that promotes violence and should not be tolerated. The pit bulls seized were brought to Detroit Animal Control and experts are still unsure of what the future of these dogs would be.

Thursday 22, Jan 2009


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tony_larussa-steroidsMark David McGwire had his shot at becoming part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered when a fellow teammate, Jose Canseco, claimed that he had personally injected McGwire with anabolic steroids. Although McGwire was not named by The Mitchell Report, the accusation has caused his name a lot of damage. McGwire did admit to taking androstenedione which is a steroid-precursor and is a legal over-the-counter performance enhancer. McGwire has been artfully dodging questions about his steroid use even when he was under oath. This has puzzled many fans and critics alike. Some stay at McGwire’s side, however, like his manager, Tony La Russa.

Thursday 22, Jan 2009


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astin-steroidsIt was just on mid-2007 when the world of professional wrestling was rocked by a shocking new about one of their colleagues. WWE star Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel were found dead in their Fayetteville home. The suspect for the gruesome murder was no other than Chris himself.

Dr. Phil Astin, Chris Benoit’s personal doctor was allegedly giving the wrestler anabolic steroids. During his investigation, Astin’s lawyer, Manny Arora, claimed that the search of his clinic exceeded what was authorized by the warrant and asked the judge to throw out any evidence seized during the raid after Benoit’s death. While the medical examiner to the Benoit case couldn’t determine whether the increase in aggression caused by steroids played a role in the crime, Astin has been charged of over-prescription of medication involving 17 patients other than the wrestler. At present, Astin is planning to change his plea in the drug case.

It is still unknown why Astin opted for the change in plea and what effect this would have in court. What is sure is that even if the Benoit case investigation is still indeterminate, Astin’s involvement with other steroid cases would assure that we’ll be hearing more about the doctor and the late wrestler.

Wednesday 21, Jan 2009


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gov-rick-perry-steroidsJust last week, Gov. Rick Perry agreed that the $6 million drug testing program for local high school athletes is a bit too pricey and could be rolled back. The first batch of results is from 10,000 students participating in spring activities and only four yielded positive results. While the 2nd batch of results isn’t in, Perry stated that anabolic steroids aren’t a major problem among Texas teens since the tests only had very low positive results. This comment caused a mixed reaction among the people.

Don Hooton thinks that the low positive count is the result of the steroid testing program. Without the program, students will be less aware of the consequences of using performance enhancing drugs. Hooton wants for the state to wait for the second batch of results before jumping into any conclusions. He also wants to have enough time for his experts under the Taylor Hooton Foundation to analyze the results and review the protocol. He is disappointed that Perry and some critics support the stand that the program has to be removed.

The governor’s office said that there is no official decision on the program yet. Perry also said that he had no issues with the program per se, just the high budget that went along with it.

Wednesday 21, Jan 2009


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amd_tejada-steroidsAfter Kirk Radomski, a steroid supplier, appears and gives his statement in front of the federal grand jury, Roger Clemens might not be the only Major League Baseball celebrity in the hotseat. According to a source close to the investigation, Houston Astros star Miguel Tejada might face the same fate as Clemens. Tejada is one of the athletes identified in the Mitchell Report which gave out names of players who had been tested positive or had been reported to use anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Tejada has been investigated by the FBI last January 2008 at the request of Rep. Henry Waxman amidst the athlete’s statement that he did not use any steroids. According to the Mitchell Report, however, a former teammate was able to purchase performance enhancing drugs from Tejada which the later got from Radomski.

It is common for grand juries to deliver charges when asked by prosecutors and the bad news for Tejada, his defense lawyer won’t even be present in the proceedings. The grand jury for Clemens’ and possibly Tejada’s cases were hand picked by the court to investigate steroid use in various sports. They had been looking over the evidences for some time now and are definitely knowledgeable in this field.

Tuesday 20, Jan 2009


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steroidsDaniel McGlone has been sentenced yesterday for distributing anabolic steroids to athletes and bodybuilders all over the country. McGlone didn’t deny the charge and had pleaded guilty early during the proceedings. He sold steroids and human growth hormone through the internet and through ads in a bodybuilding magazine. His transactions helped him gain $860,000 from selling the mentioned performance enhancing drugs. So how did McGlone manage his business and how was he found?

Proulx will be facing trial later this month. On the other hand, McGlone will be spending 2 years in prison. His punishment will hopefully serve as a lesson to other individuals who sell steroids over the internet illegally.

McGlone will also have to reimburse $19,000 for fake prescriptions over at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island and $736,298 to the government. McGlone will be surrendering to serve his term on February 9, 2009.

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