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Saturday 27, Jun 2009

Steroid Nasal Wash effective for treating chronic sinusitis

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Steroid Nasal Wash effective for treating chronic sinusitisAccording to a small US Study, a steroid nasal wash can prove to be an effective option for reducing symptoms of chronic sinusitis without posing any harm to functions of the adrenal gland.

Chronic sinusitis is referred to as a continuing inflammation of the nose that is believed to affect approximately 14 percent of the United States’ population.

The researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis remarked that the study was the first one to conduct an examination about safety of this type of nasal wash. It was revealed in the study that the budesonide nasal respules are quite safe for a short-term usage to get relief from symptoms that are associated with chronic sinusitis.

All participants to the study showed some improvement with regard to the sinusitis symptoms. Furthermore, their adrenal gland was not affected by the usage of budesonide nasal respules.

Saturday 27, Jun 2009

Alteration in Steroid Receptor Genes create Fat Burning Muscle

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Alteration in Steroid Receptor Genes create Fat Burning MuscleA single protein in a combination with a related protein can play a pivotal role in the complex journey of the body to obesity, as per Dr. Ronald M. Evans, a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator at The Salk Institute’s Gene Expression Laboratory.

Evans further remarked that this study can provide the latest, specific approach to cure obesity related ailments such as atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemiama, and resistance to insulin.

Dr. Evans pointed out that PPARd (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta) which acts as a master regulator in controlling ability of the body cells to burn fat, can suppress artery’s inflammatory response with an aim to dramatically slowdown progression of the lesion. The study revealed that the PPARd drugs can prove to be effective in inhibiting atherosclerosis by limiting the level of inflammation besides enhancing physical performance.

Friday 26, Jun 2009

Steroids for Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome do not result in Bone Loss

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Steroids for Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome do not result in Bone LossIn a recently published study, it was concluded that children who take steroid drugs do not suffer from bone loss when they are fighting against Childhood nephrotic syndrome.

The nephrotic syndrome that affects three out of every one hundred thousand children is considered to be the most common chronic kidney ailment in young children. This syndrome is believed to weaken ability of a young children’s body by eliminating the presence of salt and water from the blood causing swelling of the legs, belly, and region around eyes.

As per pediatric nephrologist Mary B. Leonard, M.D., of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and lead author of the study, the childhood nephrotic syndrome can be easily treated with steroid treatment when compared to treatment for other childhood diseases treated with steroid drugs.

The co-author of this study, Babette Zemel, Ph.D., of the Nutrition Center at Children’s Hospital, remarked that complete body measurements of the bone mineral content were found to be higher in children suffering from nephrotic syndrome than in healthy children.

The study was funded by the National Institute of Health.

Friday 26, Jun 2009

Latest Steroid Test makes use of Oil Exploration Methods

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Latest Steroid Test makes use of Oil Exploration MethodsResearchers at the University of Nottingham have formulated a highly sensitive anti-doping steroid test that makes use of hydropyrolysis which was used in the past for oil exploration.

Hydropyrolysis is a process that makes use of high pressure environments to identify and investigate the chemical structure of a sample to detect levels of illicit steroids in urine. This test is expected to be used in the 2012 Olympics.

The study was funded by the Natural Environment Research Councils Ocean Margins LINK program. Colin Snape, Professor of Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering at the University, remarked that though steroids are naturally produced in the human body, they tend to have a varying carbon 13/carbon 12 ratios to those introduced in an illicit manner.

Snape further remarked that researchers can investigate and come with an accurate test to identify the presence of illegal steroids in bodies of athletes and racehorses via refinement of measurement of the carbon 12 and carbon 13 isotopes.

Friday 26, Jun 2009

Androgen Level Does Not Determine Women Sexual Dysfunction

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Androgen Level Does Not Determine Women Sexual DysfunctionAn Australian study stated that low sexual function in women can’t be diagnosed just by looking at the level of circulating sex hormones such as testosterone. According to Dr. Susan Davis, there are no clinically significant relationships between low scores on a psychometric test of sexual function and serum total testosterone, serum free testosterone, or androstenedione.

The only link that researchers found was between low sexual function and low levels of the androgen precursor dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), but this is not useful diagnostically. This is because although women who self-reported sexual dysfunction had low DHEAS, most women with low DHEAS had normal sexual function.

Researchers claimed that much of the androgen function in the body takes place within cells; circulating androgens, such as serum testosterone, may be a poor marker for what happens within tissues. They suggest that sex steroids influence female sexual function, but there is no serum androgen level that defines female androgen insufficiency.

Friday 26, Jun 2009

Severe Asthma Attacks being treated with Steroids

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Severe Asthma Attacks being treated with SteroidsAs per a recently concluded study, a combination of airway-opening drugs and inhaled inflammation-reducing steroids is better than a standalone dosage of steroids to prevent severe asthma attacks.

It was also mentioned in the study that higher dosages of steroids alone can prove to be effective just as the combination.

Muireann Ni Chroinin, M.D., of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in England, and colleagues reported that asthma patients who used long acting beta-2 agonist (LABA) drugs in combination with inhaled steroids fared better than those who did not.

The study reported that the rate of severe attacks with a combination of airway-opening drugs and inhaled inflammation-reducing steroids or higher doses of steroids alone helping in reducing the rate of severe asthma attacks by as much as 5 percent, from 27 percent to 22 percent.

Jerry Krishnan, M.D., an asthma researcher and assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, remarked that there is a tendency among the doctors to initiate the combination therapy of airway-opening drugs and inhaled inflammation-reducing steroids rather than persisting with steroids alone in the initial stages and combining it with LABA drugs at a later stage.

Thursday 25, Jun 2009

Implant That Releases Low Steroid Is Effective For Sympathetic Ophthalmia

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Implant That Releases Low Steroid Is Effective For Sympathetic OphthalmiaA surgical implant that releases low doses of a steroid appears to prevent inflammation and stabilize vision in patients with sympathetic ophthalmia. In a retrospective case series, the implant called Retisert has improved the vision of three patients and stabilized it in five.

According to Dr. James Folk of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and colleagues, the implant, an approved noninfectious uveitis treatment, is a useful second-line therapy for sympathetic ophthalmia patients who have recurrent inflammation or can’t tolerate systemic anti-inflammatory medications.

The implant contains fluocinolone acetonide and costs about $20,000. This is sutured to the sclera and is good for about two and half years. Since sympathetic ophthalmia is a chronic disease, the implant needs to be replaced after about 2.5 years. Researchers said that this is actually cheaper than long-term immunosuppressive medications and the associated hospital visits.

Thursday 25, Jun 2009

Ray of Hope for Deaf from an attack of Immune System

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Ray of Hope for Deaf from an attack of Immune SystemA new study of the University of Michigan’s Kresge Hearing Research Institute revealed that patients who are suffering from deafness due to an immune system attack can be treated with steroids.

Deafness caused by an immune system attack, which is also known as autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss or AISNHL, can be treated by diagnosing accurately with steroid treatment about the mysterious hearing loss and finding the next course of action for treatment of deafness.

As per Thomas Carey, Ph.D., senior author, professor and a distinguished research scientist at the U-M Medical School and department chair in the School of Dentistry, this study strongly suggested that accurate prediction can be given for who all we regain their hearing abilities with steroid treatment after a direct test for antibodies.

Carey commented that almost all of the patients who were a part of the study nearly improved with steroid treatment after being made to suffer sudden hearing loss due to an attack of the immune system.

The study was funded by the Deafness Research Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Ruth and Lynn Townsend Fund, a gift from the Holden Foundation, and the Autoimmune Sensorineural Hearing Loss Research Fund.

Thursday 25, Jun 2009

Steroid Treatment Damaged A Girl’s Hip Joints

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Steroid Treatment Damaged A Girl’s Hip JointsFew years ago, a 10-year old girl who suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia also had endured a condition called avascular necrosis. When Kendall Rose was eight years old, she was first diagnosed with cancer so she had to undergo chemotherapy and steroid treatments.

However, steroid treatment has caused severe side effects on the child by damaging the blood supply to the ball at the top of the femur, or thigh bone. In order to address her condition, Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgeon Robert Trousdale, said that Kendall Rose needs to have a total hip replacement.

Now that Kendall Rose is 15, her hip joint replacement has been a success. She can now easily glides the water while she does swimming laps.

Thursday 25, Jun 2009

Inhaled Corticosteroids – Not Enough To Control Asthma

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Inhaled Corticosteroids – Not Enough To Control AsthmaA study revealed that some children may not be able to keep their asthma under control even if they regularly use inhaled corticosteroids. Several studies of asthmatic adults also have suggested that even rigorous use of inhaled steroids doesn’t lead to well controlled asthma in all adults.

The study of 914 children with mild to moderate asthma found that over a one-year period, children who reported consistent inhaled steroid use were 20% less likely to report having well-controlled asthma compared with those not using any inhaled steroids. This finding held even when the severity of the children’s asthma was taken into account.

According to Dr. Gregory Sawicki of the Children’s Hospital in Boston, majority of children with mild asthma are less likely to have symptoms as they get older and may not need to be on daily steroids. However, if a child has poor asthma control, the parents and doctor need to make sure the child is adhering to their inhaled steroid treatment.

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