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Wednesday 27, Oct 2010

Jose Canseco admits regret over steroids controversy

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jose-canseco-admits-regret-over-steroids-controversyJose Canseco, the former baseball slugger, has expressed regret over his involvement in the ongoing steroids controversy surrounding the game of baseball.

The former American League MVP revealed some names in a one-hour documentary titled, “Jose Canseco: The Last Shot,” that he regretted mentioning players as steroid users in his book, “Juiced“, which led to a congressional hearing on doping in the sport.

Canseco also claimed that he has stopped making use of performance enhancing drugs and his body is unable to adequately produce enough testosterone.

Wednesday 27, Oct 2010

Congress questions steroids testimony

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Congress questions steroids testimonyAccording to a report by the New York Times, MLB and Union officials may have misled the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in regard to the amount of steroid use among players.

The Times said that officials appearing before the committee showed that the two-year old testing program had significantly minimized the number of positive drug tests for performance enhancing drugs.

Any wrongdoings were denied by both deputy commissioner Rob Manfred and the union’s general counsel, Michael Weiner.

Tuesday 26, Oct 2010

Low dose contraceptive pill controls severe premenstrual disorder

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Low dose contraceptive pill controls severe premenstrual disorderAccording to a recently concluded study, low doses of oral contraceptive demonstrate as much efficacy as the present-day standard treatment for premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Kimberly Yonkers, M.D., associate professor in the departments of Psychiatry and Epidemiology and Public Health and lead author of the study remarked that PMDD patients often experience cyclical mood, behavioral, and physical symptoms that are triggered possibly by changes in steroid hormone levels.

Yale School of Medicine researchers said that a low dose oral contraceptive with a unique progestin and dosing regimen shows efficacy to treat PMDD along with suppression of the ovarian activity.

Tuesday 26, Oct 2010

AFL drugs policy should guard the sick

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AFL drugs policy should guard the sickThe illicit drugs policy of AFL, which was introduced in 2005, stressed upon the confidentiality factor to avoid risking the health and rehabilitation chances of a player. However, it failed to serve its vision after Travis Tuck of Hawthorn was named, fined and suspended.

Tuck was not a drug addict but using drugs for treating a mental health issue and feels betrayed by a policy that was contrived and compromised from birth.

After the incident, there have been endless calls to change the illicit drugs policy of the AFL on an immediate basis.

Tuesday 26, Oct 2010

David Ortiz says he never made use of steroids

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David Ortiz says he never made use of steroidsBoston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has officially denied making use of steroids.

This announcement by Ortiz came nine months after he acknowledged that his name appeared on the list of players in 2003 who have been tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

The test results were supposed to be confidential but were instead subpoenaed by federal investigators looking into the Bay Area Laboratory Company (BALCO) scandal.

Monday 25, Oct 2010

Jamar Nesbit suspended for four games

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Jamar Nesbit suspended for four gamesNew Orleans Saints guard Jamar Nesbit has been suspended for four games, without pay, after he was found violating the NFL policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

The suspension begins immediately for Nesbit and he will be eligible to make a return to active roster of the Saints after a game against the Carolina Panthers.

The versatile baseball player has started 87 games in his career with the Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Saints.

Monday 25, Oct 2010

Enhanced painkiller use monitoring suggested by Health Watchdog

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Enhanced painkiller use monitoring suggested by Health WatchdogProfessional bodies of doctors have been urged by the Care Quality Commission to draw up guidance on the appropriate prescribing of amphetamines and painkillers in the wake of their growing use on patients by health professionals.

The “safety gains” achieved during the last three years “are not lost in the current drive to save costs”, according to the commission.

At present, more and more drugs are recommended by health workers others than doctors, including nurses and pharmacists.

Monday 25, Oct 2010

For Jim Thome, nothing adds up to a ring

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For Jim Thome, nothing adds up to a ringJim Thome, known in the baseball circles as a man who swings ferociously and built like a mountain, recently moved past Rafael Palmeiro on the career list with his 585 career home run.

At 40, Thome may have lost the charm a bit but has not lost the aspiration to climb the ladder of 600 career home runs for no player has ever retired so close to 600 home runs.

Thome said that he seriously has to stop and think about the 600-run landmark because there’s no better way to go out than on top.

Sunday 24, Oct 2010

Plunking parallel between use of steroids and home runs

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Plunking parallel between use of steroids and home runsThe steroids era produced mind-boggling statistics and while every one was talking about the home runs, there were only a few noticing the soaring numbers of batters hit by pitches.

In the past, the game of baseball was manly when pitchers used to knock batters down for the smallest of all perceived imperfections yet the golden age of batters began about 1993.

Today, HBP numbers are falling along with decline in home run totals and some think that only a change in the strike zone would reduce the H.B.P. averages to their historical norms.

Saturday 23, Oct 2010

NFL wins ruling in drug test case

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NFL wins ruling in drug test caseThe National Football League (NFL) has won in Minnesota case that threatened to dilute its league wide drug testing policy. This means that Kevin Williams and Pat Williams who violated policy on performance enhancing drugs of NFL will have to serve a four game suspension in the 2010 season.

Hennepin County Judge Gary Larson ruled that the NFL players were not harmed by the failure of NFL to provide notice and it wasn’t enough to block the suspensions.

The N.F.L. originally suspended Kevin Williams and Pat Williams for four games in 2008 after they tested positive for a banned diuretic (bumetanide), which can be used to mask steroids.

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