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Saturday 21, May 2011

Crackdown by FDA on tainted products

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Crackdown by FDA on tainted productsThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is cracking down on manufacturers of specific weight loss, bodybuilding, and sexual enhancement supplements that contain potentially dangerous ingredients.

Some manufacturers are deceptively labeling products to hide that they contain ingredients known to cause adverse health effects, as per the FDA.

The FDA also said other supplements contain ingredients that should only be available by prescription.

Friday 20, May 2011

Five minor league players suspended

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Five minor league players suspendedAccording to an announcement by the Major League Baseball, five minor league players were handed 50-game suspensions for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

The players included free-agent pitcher Junior Astacio and free-agent outfielder Pedro Nunez.

The suspension news has once again highlighted the relationship between professional sports and anabolic steroids.

Thursday 19, May 2011

French flanker suspects drug use

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French flanker suspects drug useOlivier Magne recently said that he suspected some rugby players of using drugs. Magne welcomed the decision of the World Cup organizers to begin testing for THG.

Magne, one of the game’s best openside flankers, said, “I have a suspicion, but for the time being I prefer to go no further.”

Magne also said, “I am a fitness fanatic and I work very hard to ready myself for the big matches, but it’s true that when I see some players making progress in double-quick time, I wonder how they can manage it.”

Wednesday 18, May 2011

Some members of Festina took growth hormones

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Some members of Festina took growth hormonesWilly Voet, the man whose arrest lifted the lid on drug use in cycling, has alleged that the total amount spent by the Festina squad on performance enhancing drugs each season was more than £60,000.

Voet also claimed that some members of the Festina team took dozens of ampules of growth hormones each season.

Voet said, “It came from Portugal and belonged to the anabolic steroid group which helped build up the muscles in spectacular fashion and became undetectable after just seven days.”

Tuesday 17, May 2011

Role in drugs claim rejected by IRB

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Role in drugs claim rejected by IRBThe International Rugby Board (IRB) denied any role to play in drugs controversy that has followed revelations from the United Kingdom Sports Council that two players tested positive for banned substances.

The Sports Council privately insisted the findings were sent to the IRB in Dublin though making no public statements.

Dr John Davies, head of the IRB drugs task force, said, “Nothing was ever received by way of positive results from the Sports Council.”

Monday 16, May 2011

Cop jailed for dealing steroids

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Cop jailed for dealing steroidsJustin Weaver, 28, of Swansea, South Wales was recently jailed after admitting dealing steroids and perverting the course of justice.

The former Metropolitan Police officer was uncovered as a long-time anabolic steroid addict as he was jailed for 16 months.

Judge said, ”Your culpability is the most extreme because you were a serving police officer with the Metropolitan Police.”

Sunday 15, May 2011

Former coach pleads guilty in steroids case

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Former coach pleads guilty in steroids caseBrian Jackson, the 36-year-old, former Oregon City High School strength and conditioning coach has pleaded guilty to supplying steroids to a Canby police officer.

Jackson was led away to spend 30 days in Clackamas County jail, followed by two years probation.

Traverso, a former competitive bodybuilder who worked at his family’s Canby Landscape Supply, told the FBI that Jackson was his main supplier of steroid pills from 2002 through 2005.

Saturday 14, May 2011

Punishment for steroid use must fit the crime

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Punishment for steroid use must fit the crimeGiants’ slugger Barry Bonds will go to trial for perjury and obstruction of justice in conjunction in March 2011 with his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.

If he is found guilty, the punishment should fit the crime.

About 1 million high school students admit to knowingly using anabolic steroids as per federal surveys.

Friday 13, May 2011

Drug trafficking network zeroed in by Police

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Drug trafficking network zeroed in by PoliceA major drug trafficking operation was recently closed by police from State Crime Operations Command and North Coast Region.

The operation emphasized upon the trafficking of methylamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine, cannabis, and anabolic steroids.

Operation Ice Landsman was started in June 2010 by members of the State Drug Investigation Unit in conjunction with Bundaberg Criminal Investigation Branch.

Thursday 12, May 2011

Chiropractor admits ordering steroids for personal use

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Chiropractor admits ordering steroids for personal useDouglas Nagel, a chiropractor who treated Washington Capitals players and has been linked to an admitted steroid dealer, was recently senteneced to three years of probation by a Florida judge.

This was after Nagel pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a controlled substance.

Nagel received shipments of steroids from Thomas, who pleaded guilty in November to a federal count of possessing anabolic steroids with intent to sell, according to an affidavit signed by a Polk County sergeant.

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