mcmahon-steroids1It was just recently when Rep. Henry Waxman revealed the wide use of performance enhancing drugs in WWE and TNA. It was only recently when various wrestling officials have been interviewed about this issue. Vince McMahon, the chairman of the World Wrestling Entertainment Board of directors and also a major shareholder, was one of those important figures who spoke up. Unfortunately, not everyone was contented at how he addressed the matter, such as Rich Twilling, who wrote in his article:

Twilling is very bothered by the fact that McMahon is refusing to answer questions on his own steroid use and pretending not to know anything about the rampant use of these drugs in wrestling. There are many factors that would make you think whether McMahon was lying or not. First of all, he could have just easily said “No, I didn’t use anabolic steroids” if he knew it was the truth. Second, he becomes overly defensive when addressed with the issue. Third, the way he answered seemed like he was putting on a show, just like in regular wrestling matches.

The Oversight Committee shouldn’t be content with the information they get from McMahon. Wrestling is his game and wrestlers, his people. Of course he would do everything to protect them. He isn’t called “the boss from hell” for nothing