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Chemical Name: Oxandrolone
Drug Class: Oral Anabolic Steroid

Read it, pretty much explains all you need about anavar and how it plays out in life etc..

really the info anthony put out is revolutionary IMO

==================I bit this from Anthony-Robert’s Blog so this is not an IS exclusive but really good info for everyone to read!



As many of you know, I am on HRT from Oasis Rejuvination. My HRT doses are very conservative (more or less) and consist of 100mgs of testosterone propionate injected every other day, and 25 mgs of Anavar (oxandrolone) every day.

As per my usual routine, I just got my quarterly bloodwork done. There were two surprises in store for me this time around.

My first surprise was that my testosterone levels would have (*actually) been low enough to pass a blood doping test. I came in at around 950, while a positive doping result would have been 1,000. This is pretty interesting on several levels, because anyone who has been on 100mgs of test prop every other day knows that it certainly gives a decent anabolic effect…and now I know that it won’t cause a positive blood doping test as well (in me, at least). That’s a nice, hefty dose for an athlete.

But the real shocker was that my free testosterone levels were through the roof, and my SHBG was way down. WTF?

It was the Anavar.

When I wrote my first book on Anabolic Steroids, I reported that there was some lowering of SHBG with Anavar, but I neglected to really investigate it any further. It wasn’t too relevant to me, because it wasn’t a huge concern at the time. I don’t even remember if I had tried Anavar before that book came out…

So I went back to PubMed, because I needed an answer here. I wrote an entire article on the difference between injectable and oral winstrol, and came up with one of the main differences being that the Oral version lowers SHBG considerably more.

At this point, we all know that Proviron lowers SHBG considerably, and that Winstrol does the same. But what I didn’t know is that Anavar is potentially the best drug (*that I know of) to lower SHBG.

Now, think about this logically, ok? Why is it that people don’t really report great gains with Anavar alone, but can get away with (*silly) low doses of it when they use it in a cycle? Most of the time, we say that it’s just the other steroids causing the gains. But I think that Anavar is actually very synergistic with virtally all other steroids because of it’s effects on SHBG. Now, remember, I told you that I think it’s potentially the most powerful reducer of SHBG that I know about, right? Ok…I’m going to show you a piece of a study…in this study, ten boys with delayed growth were given 2.5mgs ( yes…two-point-five milligrams) of Anavar daily for 3 months…and here’s what it did to their SHBG levels:

SHBG concentrations were also reduced from 130.9 +/- 14.6 to 30.7 +/- 7.3 nmol/l.


(*Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 1993 Apr;38(4):393-8. Links
The effects of oxandrolone on the growth hormone and gonadal axes in boys with constitutional delay of growth and puberty.)

OK…so that means SHBG levels were lowered to about l/4th (or so) of their original levels! All from 2.5mgs of Anavar!

Although my SHBG levels were low, and my free test levels were high, they weren’t on par with what’s found in that study…but I think that the results I’ve experienced with 25mgs of Anavar make it a worthwhile addition to any cycle, even at a dose that low (I’d speculate that even as low as 10- 20mgs is the low-end threshold dose to use with Anavar to free up some testosterone and lower SHBG, to make your cycles more effective). Now, that doesn’t make it a better buy (necessarily) than using Winstrol for that purpose, but it certainly gives us a new look at an old favorite; and maybe a new “lowest effective dose” we can suggest for upcoming cycles.