sports-steroidsIn his column, Bleacher Report writer Jared Zeidman compared the use of anabolic steroids with a scene in the movie “Space Jam“— when Bugs Bunny gave his teammates the “special” MJ drink (which was actually just water) to boost their performance. According to Zeidman, there is a bias towards athletes who use steroids. Everyone thinks that they will perform better with the drug and that they will lose without it. He pointed out that you can’t immediately tell if there is a difference between using steroid use and not performance-wise. An example is Giambi who used to take steroids but still managed to perform well even without the drugs.

Shane Mosley is another proof that performance enhancing drugs aren’t really needed to enhance your performance. During the boxer’s fight with Antonio Margarito, an opponent expected to crush him, the 38-year old boxer used his wits, which eventually led to a knockout in the 9th round. Mosley was involved with Balco and was formerly taking steroids. But in his recent battle, he was clean and steroid free— and he won.