a-rods-cousin-identifiedDuring his first media appearance after he had admitted to steroid use, Alex Rodriguez managed to reveal the person who had provided him with the drugs from 2001 to 2003. He mentioned a mysterious “cousin” who was the one providing him with Primobolan and was also the one injecting him with the steroids. This person is Yuri Sucart from Dominican Republic who is also one of Rodriguez’s friends. The identity of Sucart was first revealed in ESPN.com and Carmen Sucart, his wife, confirmed the claim. She said that her husband gave “boli” to the athlete. That was the street name for Primobolan, a highly effective and heavy anabolic steroid.

While some question Rodriguez’s intentions for sharing the blame with Sucart, some are more worried about the issue that anabolic steroids might have been smuggled from the Dominican Republic to the United States. If this were the case, it would prove to be a bigger scandal for both Rodriguez and Sucart. Fortunately, Primobolan and other performance enhancing drugs are rather easy to acquire in the Southern country and DEA agents don’t plan on prosecuting either Rodriguez or Sucart for this issue or for the issue of using anabolic steroids.