A-Rod leads Yankees team to victoryA-Rod’s season did not start out well with a confession of past steroid use and this year, he debuted with a hip surgery, slowing down his performance for this season.

However, in the end, everything was all worth it after New York Yankees’ third baseman ended this season with a 27th World Series Title for his team.

According to A-Rod, he already hit rock bottom this year. Therefore, he has nothing to lose anymore this year. However, he believes that if more pressure were taken off and less worries were spent on individual stuff, then your talents can shine naturally.

This year will prove to be different for Alex Rodriguez. Three American League MVP awards, 12 All-Star Game selections, a pair of Gold Gloves and now a World Series ring, hopefully people will be running back in his way.

Rodriguez is just so grateful with 25 teammates, coaches, the MLB organization and the Steinbrenner family that supported him even through the steroids scandal. Added to that, he was also plagued with gossips about his romance with Madonna and now Kate Hudson. It may be a page header for the tabloids but when it comes to playing baseball, Rodriguez is more focused and determined as ever.