Acute Psoriasis Patients beneficiaries of topical corticosteroidsPatients with intertriginous psoriasis (IP) can expect relief coming their way when they are treated with an application of topical corticosteroids in the short term and maintenance with a less topical agent, as per a study conducted by Alexander Kreuter, M.D, from Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany, and colleagues.

The study also nullified all myths of side effects associated with use of topical steroids in the long run and the findings are considered to have major implications for treating intertriginous psoriasis patients who regularly complain of intense itching, soreness, and irritation from sweating.

The study suggested that application of corticosteroids for acute disease in the short run followed by maintenance treatment with any of the less potent agents can be classified as a reasonable approach for treating IP patients.